Hearing Aid Patients - Videos

These are real hearing aid patients talking about their hearing loss and how much improved after being fitted for hearing aids by New England Hearing Instruments!

"It's amazing what I can hear now, that I had lost and didn't realize it. I could have gone on without hearing devices; but now that I have them, I am very glad I did because I realize what I've been missing."

"I remember actually in the office when I was leaving with the hearing devices on for the first time just zipping up my jacket - and the sound of the zipper, the sharpness of it. It took a couple of days for me to actually get comfortable, for my brain to say, "OK this is whats going on!" And I couldn't even tell I had them on."

"I thought that the hearing aids were going to be those big things that they just pop in your ears and that cut off everything. And then when she came out with these little tiny hearing devices...It's a nice thing, people don't have to repeat themselves which they used to have to do a lot."