Receiver in the Ear Hearing Aids

receiver in the ear hearing aidHearing loss can definitely affect many aspects of your life. Your social life can suffer because you feel insecure around other people. Your work life can definitely suffer; companies want people “at the top of their game.” Even your family life can suffer. People tend to communicate less if someone doesn’t hear very well. As you know, communication is the key to all relationships.  

So you’ve made the decision to do something about your hearing loss…a wise choice.  There is no reason to let hearing loss affect the way you live your life, especially with all of the new and improved technology that is available today. 

Receiver in the Ear hearing aids (RITE hearing aids), such as the Oticon Intiga, are a great example of the latest innovation in hearing aid design.

Receiver-in-the-Ear hearing aids have some great benefits: 

  • The key benefit of this unique design is that it does not fill the ear canal with plastic.
  • A vented tip leaves a passageway in the canal for natural hearing to still access the eardrum.
  • This unique design produces a very natural sound quality, as it blends a person’s residual, natural hearing with the enhanced sounds needed provided by the hearing instrument.
  • Its wonderful design makes it virtually unnoticeable.receiver in the ear hearing aids
  • Many great color choices are available.
  • RITE designs include both mini-BTE and standard BTE design. 

All Receiver in the Ear hearing aids have their electronics, battery, and microphone inside a casing worn behind the ear (BTE). An ultra thin, sculpted wire carries the amplified sound to the speaker in the ear canal.

Many people are choosing this type of hearing aid. Talk with your hearing aid professional and find out if it's the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

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