In the Canal Hearing Aids

woman wearing in the canal hearing aidsIf you suffer from hearing loss, there have been tremendous advances in technology and designs of hearing aids to make your life much easier.

There are three basic designs of custom hearing aids, which are custom-molded to fit perfectly in your ear. These three designs are very similar, and the one you choose depends on your individual needs and preferences. The three are:

1. In the Canal Hearing Aids (or ITC hearing aids) - slightly smaller design than the In-the-Ear type
2. In the Ear (or ITE) - the largest style of custom-made hearing aids
3. Completely in the Canal (or CIC) - the smallest custom fit design

In the Canal Hearing aids have some advantages you need to consider:

  • If you wear glasses or use oxygen, this type may be more comfortable for you because the entire hearing aid is in your ear, and won’t interfere with your glasses or your oxygen tubes.
  • Because this type of hearing aid requires an impression of the ear, you will get a custom fit. The plastic shell is molded to the shape of the person’s ear.
  • It can be matched to your skin tone.
  • You might appreciate that all of the working parts are contained within the single unit in the ear.
  • Some people feel this type of hearing aid is easier to insert. 

in the canal hearing aidsThe disadvantage of in the canal hearing aids' design is that this type creates fullness in the ear, often blocking any residual hearing ability. Of course, if you have significant hearing loss, this may not be a disadvantage for you. 

One of the custom-made designs may be perfect for you and your lifestyle. Discuss any concerns and your expectations with your hearing aid professional.