Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

woman waering behind the ear hearing aidsHearing loss is not something to take lightly; and neither is the hearing aid device you choose to help overcome that obstacle. 

Behind the Ear hearing aids (BTE) style and design have been around for well over sixty years. With this design the hearing aid is coupled with an ear mold. Today, however, the design is much more refined and advanced such as with the Oticon Chili. 

This style is usually preferred for two groups of people. As it is very durable, it is an excellent choice for children. Also, those with severe or profound hearing loss usually find this type of hearing aid meets their specific needs. 

A lot of research has made the Behind the Ear hearing aid what it is today. Thanks to micro circuitry, it is a much smaller and slimmer unit compared to its counterpart of the past. This makes it much more comfortable to wear. Also, as a result of new technology, distortion has been reduced. 

There are other benefits to consider for the Behind the Ear hearing aids: behind the ear hearing aids oticon chili 

  • The internal components are shock absorbent to protect the hearing aid in case the instrument is dropped, or it falls.
  • It is designed with a nano-coating technology, which keeps moisture and dirt out. Even the battery door is designed to keep out moisture and sweat.
  • There is also an internal seal for the electronic parts.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider the Behind the Ear hearing aids. Discuss what's best for you with your hearing aid professional.

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