Hearing Assessment

If you believe you are experiencing some hearing difficulties, you need to schedule a visit with your hearing care professional as soon as possible for a hearing assessment. 

A hearing assessment is the first step to regaining what you’ve lost.

The hearing assessment is vitally important to achieve the outcome you desire. It’s imperative that you’re completely honest when answering questions concerning your hearing problems. If your hearing care professional does not get complete and accurate details of your problem, you may not get your desired results. Your hearing care specialist should spend some time to get to know you, your lifestyle, what you are experiencing and the outcome you desire.You should come away from your hearing assessment with answers to your questions and a recommendation for the best course of action. 

Your hearing assessment should be a pleasant and informative experience for you. If you don’t connect or feel comfortable with your initial hearing care professional, find someone else. You should feel completely at ease with your hearing care professional and be willing to speak freely with them. Your hearing assessment is a very important process, and the first step on your journey to returning to a normal life.

Take Someone With Youcouple at hearing assessment

It may be a good idea to take someone with you—preferably someone that spends a great deal of time with you, such as a spouse, child, or very close friend. Oftentimes, someone else observes details about your condition that you don’t even think about. In fact, sometimes someone close to you notices a problem before you do. Also, you might want to include them when you choose a hearing aid, if that is necessary. It’s always great to have another opinion. 

During your hearing assessment, you will be given a hearing test, which is quite simple and painless. You will then be given the results of that test and a recommended course of action. Just knowing the results of the test should give you relief, because you will be armed with facts and knowledge. 

Before going to your hearing assessment, you should be thinking about some questions that will probably arise, such as: 

  • How do you think you are doing in different situations?
  • What are you doing to deal with hearing issues in your everyday life?
  • In what situations do you need improvement?
  • What is your ideal outcome with your hearing professional? 

Before going for a hearing assessment, you should know that only about five percent of adults with hearing loss can experience improvement by medication or surgery. Therefore, be open to considering hearing instruments. Your hearing care professional will make it very easy for you by allowing you to try a hearing instrument right in the office or at home.

Embrace the change that will occur in your life - it’s going to be a good change!