ReSound Hearing Aids

resound alera

With built-in technologies like ReSound's Surround Sound, ReSound hearing aids strive to provide the listener with sound as close to natural hearing as possible, in any and all listening environments. The ReSound Alera is appropriate for people with mild to severe hearing loss and offers a wide range of unique features, available at three different price points, the Alera 9 (best) Alera 7 (better) and Alera 5 (good).

ReSound Alera

ReSound Alera is a Receiver in the Ear hearing aid (RITE) with a clean, discreet design that is simple to use and comes available in a long list of color choices, which can be easily interchanged. ReSound Alera can help you understand people's speech more clearly and keep a better sense of what's going on around you, even with distracting background noise. ReSound hearing aids have a nanotech coating to resist moisture and cut down on repairs.

resound hearing aidsReSound Unite Wireless Accessories

ReSound Unite is a line of wireless accessories that integrate your ReSound hearing aids with other audio devices in your life like TV, stereo and phones. There's no need for body-worn streamers and wires, and with an impressive transmission range, making ReSound hearing aids and accessories very convenient and easy to use.

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