Phonak Hearing Aids

phonak hearing aidsThere are three models of Phonak hearing aids that might especially interest you: the Phonak Ambra, the Phonak Salana and the Phonak Cassia. All of them lead the industry in performance, convenience and durability, and each model is available in a variety of hearing aid styles like Behind-the-Ear or In-the-Ear.

For the ultimate hearing experience with the Phonak Hearing Aids, ask to try the Phonak Ambra. With its amazing and discreet design, it is moisture and dirt protected to ensure a trouble-free hearing experience. The Phonak Ambra has Duo-Phone, which allows you to hear a voice on the phone in both ears. Speech clarity is impressive and background noises are reduced.

phonak hearing aids stylesThe Phonak Ambra can automatically adapt from a quiet conversation, listening to music or a noisy restaurant. If you feel you need to make a manual adjustment, you can do so with the simple push of a button, where the unique Flex-Control lets you choose the perfect setting.

The Phonak Solana is also an excellent choice for mild to profound hearing loss. It is very discreet and available in 17 colors and different hearing aid styles.

The Phonak Cassia provides exceptional hearing at a very affordable price. It will give you exceptional performance in a discreet look. Offering life changing results for mild to profound hearing loss, it's a great value for your money. The Cassia is available in 17 colors and in the style of your choice.

Zoom technology was first introduced by Phonak to enhance hearing in difficult or challenging situations, offering 3 levels of zoom:

  • UltraZoom -  zooms in on individual voices, and noise from the side and back is reduced.
  • StereoZoom - when you want to communicate with just one person, StereoZoom can zoom in even closer and reduce noise even further.
  • auto ZoomControl - when you cannot easily face the speaker, e.g. in a car, auto ZoomControl zooms to either side and backwards for better hearing.

Other features of Phonak hearing aids include SoundRecover and WhistleBlock, to  remove annoying and embarrassing whistling sounds; and NoiseBlock, letting you hear what you want to hear. Wireless accessories including Phonak's TV Link, ComPilot you enjoy TV, telephone, MP3 players, GPS or computers with no problem at all.

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