Oticon Chili

Oticon is always working to address the needs of ALL people with hearing loss.

The Oticon Chili was developed especially for people with profound hearing loss. oticon chile color choicesIt was developed in collaboration with people who experience the everyday challenges that come with severe to profound hearing loss, along with their families and friends who share with them the everyday challenges of communicating.

Like most Behind The Ear hearing aids, the Oticon Chili is very durable. It was designed with protection inside and out against moisture, sweat, dirt and falls. More attributes include:

  • It uses a 13 size battery, making it very slim and comfortable to wear.
  • The unique shock absorbent attachment of the initial components protects them if the instrument should be dropped, or if a fall occurs.
  • Nano coating - Moisture and dirt are kept out by the high water repellent coating, and the battery door is designed to keep out moisture and sweat that might trickle down the instrument.
  • Internal seal - A permanent coating inside the Oticon Chili effectively seals the electronic parts, resulting in a water, moisture, and dirt repellent hearing instrument.
  • The design even includes quick control features for instant muting, volume adjustment, and program selection.

With the advanced technology of Oticon Chili, you can enjoy effortless access to phones, TV and audio devices with Oticon ConnectLine, a line of hearing aid accessories that offer unmatched ability to stay in touch, keep informed, and enjoy entertainment.