captioncall phoneCaptionCall is the ideal phone for hearing impaired people - featuring closed-captioning of your conversation!

You feel more confident on the phone when you can read every word that your callers are saying on the large, easy-to-read 7'' screen. 

Although the CaptionCall phone has many great features, it is very simple to use. You still make and receive calls like any other phone, and it can be set up anywhere in your house.

With your CaptionCall Phone, the CaptionCall Service promises to be:

  • Free—Captioning is totally free with no hidden monthly charges
  • Automatic—No need to press anything to activate the captioning
  • Secure—Your transcription is safe, private, encrypted and FCC-regulated CaptionCall

Product Features

Amplification—Customize your CaptionCall to boost your hearing loss frequencies, as well as adjust the volume of the handset and ringer to your liking

Accessibility—Photo phone book and one-touch dialing makes it easy to use Familiarity—Works like a normal corded phone

Flexibility—Set up your CaptionCall Phone anywhere in your home with either wired or wireless connection

Readability—7" display screen with adjustable caption makes it easy to read every single word of your call

Telecoil loop connection—Lets you use your phone with a hearing aid that has a telecoil mode

CaptionCall Support

With ongoing  friendly support, you'll never need to worry about service fees or phone maintenance issues, including account setup and phone installation assistance. And with a six-month Satisfaction Guarantee, you only need to return your CaptionCall if you're not completely satisfied with your CaptionCall Solution.